Garrard – The Oldest London Engagement Ring Designers

Garrard – The Oldest London Engagement Ring Designers

Garrard are the oldest London chore globe designers, established in 1735. Their bridal heap began in 1840 and offers a cipher of bespoke rings.

Garrard – The Oldest London Engagement Ring Designers

Garrard – The Oldest London Engagement Ring Designers

Garrard are the oldest London assignment round designers, after being established in 1735 by George Wickes Now admitted as Garrard & Co Limited, they were formerly Asprey & Garrard Limited Their designs hold been commissioned by royalty and they hold over 275 years of generative heritage manufacturing luxury regalia and silverware

Garrard’s headquarters are at Albemarle Street in Mayfair, but they moreover market some of their pieces of jewellery in Harrods From 1843 to 2007, Garrard was the Crown Jeweller of the UK, which meant they were in charge of the upkeep of the British Crown Jewels. They moreover have a strong international reputation and instance services in Geneva, Lebanon, Qatar Dubai, Moscow and Hong Kong

Garrards Bridal Collection was established in 1840 and now offers a cipher of classic and very beautiful mission rings for the later bride

About Garrards Bridal Collection

In 1840, Prince Albert commissioned Garrard to effect a sapphire and white diamond cluster brooch as a nuptial flair to his future wife, Queen Victoria of England. Their eldest son, Edward Prince of Wales, modern commissioned Garrard to make a diamond and treasure parure as a ability to his future bride, Princess Alexandra of Denmark in 1863. The parure consisted of a diamond tiara with a jewel and diamond necklace, brooch and earrings The tiara has since become proclaimed as The Rundell Tiara, after Londons Rundell, Bridge and Rundell Jewellery Company, but was actually exclusively made by Garrard

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In 1919, Garrard was credited for designing and crafting Queen Marys fringe tiara. Inspired by emerging Russian trends, the tiara has become a cherished closing piece Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II later wore the tiara on her connubial day in 1947.

Garrard’s mantra is that their London task orb designs fortify their ‘classic beauty’ and become cherished heirlooms to be passed down through generations In 1981, the Garrard sapphire and diamond cluster occupation ring was chosen for Diana, Princess of Wales by Charles, Prince of Wales. It was then handed down to Prince William who presented the ball to Kate Middleton upon their engagement in 2011.

Garrards Diamond Cluster London Engagement Ring

The diamond cluster occupation orb is allocation of Garrard’s unique heritage It consists of 14 brilliant diamonds surrounding a 12-carat oval unhappy Ceylon Sapphire congeal in 18-carat white gold Prince Charles paid 28 000 for the ball when he bought it for Diana in 1981 – it was not unique or custom made and, at the time, was available to be purchased by members of the public. Kate Middleton has had the ring resized from a size H to a size I by Crown Jewellers G Collins and Sons, who further added two platinum studs to it

The Eternal Cut

The trademarked Eternal Cut is the signature Garrard mark It features 81 facets, which is different to a traditional brilliant groove with only 57. This patented score reveals a unique petal reflection in the spirit of the diamond, creating a stunning bespoke regular diamond.

Timeless Tiaras

After being royally commissioned to originate tiaras and parures in London, duty orb designs and bridal tiaras are Garrard’s signature pieces available to the general public after all, every bride should feel like royalty on their conjugal day!

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